The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called, multiple choice question is given below:

Q. The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called

(a) cornering force
(b) camber force
(c) cornering power
(d) none of the above

Ans:  (c) cornering power  

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The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called mcq is given below:

Q. The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called

(a) cornering force
(b) camber force
(c) cornering power
(d) none of the above

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In a simple planetary gear set, the output member to increase torque is always the

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For speeding up the tightening work we have to use

If proportioning valve is not working 

Intake port in the master cylinder allows brake fluid to flow 

The brakes employed in cars are usually operated 

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The most effective section against bending is

The maximum intensity of pressure which the clutch facing can withstand without being damaged is about

A clutch is usually designed to transmit maximum torque which is 

 The parts of the cover assembly that hold the pressure plate against the clutch plate are the 

The inertia of the rotating parts of the clutch should be

In a torque converter maximum torque multiplication occurs at 

The function of a universal joint is to allow the propeller shaft to 

A two piece propeller shaft requires 

Central portion of a propeller shaft is made from a

 The adjustment for backlash in a differential is provided between 

The component of the torque converter that allows multiplication of torque is the

The component of the torque converter that drives the oil is the

Free pedal play in car clutches is about

Increase in torque in a vehicle is obtained by

Two advantages of using helical gears rather than spur gears in a transmission are 

Clutch facings arc usually attached to the plate by 

Cushioning springs in clutch plate are meant to reduce

The clutch is located between the transmission and the 

Lateral bending of the frame side members may be caused on account of 

Weight of the vehicle produces in the side members of the Frame 

The number of points at which the engine-clutch-gear box unit is supported on the chassis frame is 

The cooling system of automobile engine most simple when the engine is placed at the

The purpose of gear box in an automobile is to 

Due to weight transfer, the ratio of braking effect at the front and at the rear wheels should be

Compared to framed construction, the frame less construction of automobiles is economical 

 In a clutch will coil springs, the wear of the clutch lacing will cause the clamping load to

In a simple epicyclic gear set, the output member to increase torque in reverse is always

The central gear of an epicyclic gear set is called a

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The component or me torque converter that redirects the flow of oil to impeller is

The blades in a torque converter have a shape which is

Critical whirling speed of a shaft is increased by 

The thrust bearing should come into contact with the release levers when the

The purpose of tyre sipes is to 

On car having rack and pinion steering, the gear rack is attached to 

Heat transfer by radiation is encountered least in

A asserts that intake valves are cooled while they are open. However. B states that exhaust valves are heated while they are open. Who is right?

A chassis dynamometer measures the vehicle power at the 

A discharged lead-acid battery has on its plates 

A dish in the piston head is employed to

A fully-charged 6 cell automotive battery should indicate 

A glow plug is

A maintenance-free battery

A pressure cap contains a 

A pulse generator consists of a

A says that rocker arms reverse reciprocating motion while B says that rocker arms convert rotating motion to reciprocating motion. Who is right? 

A semi-conductor is a material with 

A single jet carburettor tends to supply richer mixture during 

A spark may be fouled by 

A spark plug with a black centre insulator indicates

A thermister is used in an alternator regulator to 

A transistor consists of a base

A transistor is controlled by the current at 

A zener diode is used for

Aluminized valves are never ground they have to be replaced because 

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An alternator frame is made of

An effective method of prevention of detonation is the

An indication of ignition quality of a diesel fuel is given by

Aneroid is a 

Another name for the steering link rod is 

Any short-circuit in the armature winding may be tested with a

Apart from hydrocarbons, the main Pollutants in the engine exhaust are

At very low temperatures the ice tends to form in the carburettor in the 

Automotive starting motors are

Battery electrolyte consists of approximately (by volume)

Before drilling a hole, its center should be marked with a 

Best spanner for automobile work is the

Brake fade is

Brake lining consists mainly of

Brake thermal efficiency for S.I. engines usually varies between

Car clutch is usually operated 

Catalytic converter for controlling exhaust emission is used in engine of 

CO in the exhaust of a car engine should not be more than

Compare to the life of a spark plug of two stroke engine, the spark plug life of a four-stroke engine is approximately

Component of the wheel cylinder which seals the brake fluid is

Compression ratio of 22.4 is used in the engine of 

Compression rings are generally made of 

Connecting rod connects the crankshaft and the 

Contact breaker gap should be set 

Contact breaker points are generally made of

Contact breaker points are opened by the cam and closed by the

Continuity in the field windings can be tested with a

Coolant pumps are of 

Cooling fans are driven by 

Cornering force divided by slip angle is called 

Current will flow through a diode when it is connected 

Dion axle is employed in

Disc brakes on all four wheels is used in

Doubling the cylinder diameter of an engine could give power output, which is ‘x’ times the original value, where ‘x’ is 

During which week of pregnancy for the first time breast milk can be squeezed? 

Each time a joint is assembled, it is recommended to replace

EGR system is employed for controlling emissions of 

Electric brakes are commonly used on 

Electronic fuel injection system system is used in engine of

End play of gears of an oil pump may be checked by using

Engine indicators not having any inertia effects are

Engine overheating may result due to

Excessive contact breaker gap results in

Exhaust valve face angle is generally 

Five cylinder in-line engine is used in

Flat bottomed inlet manifolds are commonly used in car engine to

For aiming the headlights, the distance between the headlights and the screen should be 

For checking the alignment of the crankshaft, the best method is to place it

For identification, the colour of tail lights in a car is

For tightening cylinder head bolls we should prefer to use

From the engine indicator diagram, we obtain

From the oil pump the oil directly to

Fuel pump outlet pressure should be approximately

Gear reduction between the starting motor and the flywheel is about 

Heavy duty oil bath type air cleaner is/was used in the engine of 

Heel and toe wear in tyres is caused by

How many times in a minute does each valve on a four stroke engine running at 2000 RPM open and close?

Hypoid gear require special lubricant casing are

Ignition timing can be adjusted by a

In a d.c. generator magnetic field is produced in the

In a head lamp the metal shield is placed below the 

In a single jet carburettor the mixture tends to become richer

In a six-cylinder car engine the angle between the successive crankthrow is

In a six-cylinder engine, the power impulse occurs after ‘x’ degrees of crankshaft rotation, where ‘x’ is

In a starter motor the field windings are wound around

In a three-way converter, the first converter controls

In an alternator the magnetic field is produced in the

In autothermic pistons steel inserts arc used to

In case of a wire wheel the vehicle weight is supported by the wires in 

In disc brakes, pad-to-disc adjustment is provided by 

In ease of engines backfiring, the PCV valve

In Maruti car the brakes used are

In modern vehicles, the headlight dimming switch is mounted on the 

In some diesel engines injection pressures can reach as high as

In the recirculating ball type steering gear, the ball travel between the ball nut and the

Independent suspension on all four wheels is used in 

Inertia type drives are commonly employed in

It is common for the diesel engine to emit excessive smoke during

Lean air-fuel mixture is required for 

Maximum allowable hydrocarbons in the car emission are approximately

Maximum combustion pressure in a car petrol engine is about 

Maximum oil pressure in the lubrication system is controlled by

Maximum permissible bearing clearance for the camshaft is usually

Maximum permissible ovality in a cylinder is usually 

Microprocessor-controlled ignition system is used in engine of

Most anti-skid devices are employed on

Most commonly used dynamometer on account of its simplicity of construction is the

Most commonly used lubricants in automobiles are the 

Most commonly used lubricants in automobiles are the

Most commonly used valve-actuating mechanism in modem cars is

Most difficult gasket sealing problem occurs at the 

N-type semi-conductor material is obtained by doping with 

Octane number of Indian lead-free petrol is

On leaving the engine the coolant goes to 

On the compression stroke the rings are pressed against

On the front end of a crankshaft is mounted

On the rear end of a crankshaft mounted 

One effect of detonation is 

One purpose of a recirculating ball type steering gear is to reduce the 

Out of round brake drums cause the tyres to wear

Panhard rod is used to absorb the 

Percentage of fuel energy lost to the cylinder walls in an automobile engine is approximately

Piston pins on some engines are offset to the 

Salisbury type rear axle casing is also known as 

Secondary filter in a diesel engine is

Sequence of coolant circulation is: 

Small holes in the pump body provide a vent for

Spark plug having white insulator tip indicates 

Spring eyes in case of cars are usually lined with

The ‘dwell’ is 

The air fuel ratio required for the efficient operation of a three-way converter is approximated

The amount of fuel delivered by the injector depends upon the

The angle between the cylinder axes and the crankshaft centre line in an engine is 

The approximate oil pressure in the lubrication system in modern cars is 

The approximate oil pressure in the lubrication system in modern cars is 

The bearing clearance is never measured with a

The best hydrocarbons from detonation viewpoint are

The calorific value of alcohol is

The calorific value of gasoline is about

The camshaft controls

The camshaft drive which does not require lubrication is 

The capacity of a battery is determined by the number of plates per cell and 

The capacity of an automotive engine consider is approximately 

The carbon from the cylinder head is removed with

The carbon-ceramic brakes are standard with effect from 2008, on all

The carburettor provides the correct quality of air-fuel mixture during

The carburettors in which air-fuel mixture is controlled automatically by a computer are called the

The catalyst used in the converter for oxidising HC and CO is

The catalyst used in the reduction converter is

The centrifugal advance machine provides ignition advance proportional to

The charging voltage at the start of the engine is ……………….than when the engine is running on load. 

The cheapest yet reasonably precise gasoline injection system is the

The choke is usually closed when the engine is 

The clutch used in cars in usually

The colour of negative plate of a lead-acid battery is 

The colour of positive plate of a lead-acid battery is

The commonly used material of insulator of spark plug is 

The components of secondary ignition circuit include the secondary winding of ignition coil, distributor rotor, distributor cap and 

The compression ratio in an automotive diesel engine is usually 

The contact breaker gap is set most accurate by means of a

The counterweights on a crankshaft are located opposite the 

The cranking compression pressure in a diesel engine is about 

The crankshaft bending should not generally exceed

The cylinder bore oversize for reboring is calculated on the basis of 

The cylinder bores of aluminium alloy cylinder blocks arc usually plated with 

The cylinder head nuts should betightened to a torque of about  

The cylinder temperature after compression in a diesel engine is approximately 

The drive for the mechanical fuel pump is taken from the 

The dwell angle on a six- cylinder engine compared to a four-cylinder engine is

The engine requires overhauling in case of

The engine valves are closed by

The example of a ‘variable venturi’ type carburettor is the

The exhaust valve usually starts opening 

The fan in the Maruti car is controlled 

The first Indian car to use disc brakes was 

The frequency of a vibrating contact type regulator for d.c. generator is 

The friction that occurs between the layers of oil in an oil film is called 

The fuel feed pump in a diesel engine is mounted 

The fuel injection timing in a distributor type pump is controlled by 

The function of a stabilizer in an automobile is to decrease the tendency to 

The function of charcoal granules is to absorb 

The function of quench area in a wedge-shaped combustion chamber is to

The hand brake usually operates on 

The ignition coil in an electronic ignition system is triggered on and off by means of a 

The ignition temperature of diesel fuel is about

The largest diameter of a camground piston is 

The liquid-vapour separator is located near the 

The lubrication system in all modern cars has 

The lubrication system in all modern cars has

The main purpose of the diverter valve in the air injection system is to

The material used for inlet valve is usually 

The maximum disc runout allowed on the vehicle is generally

The minimum number of compression rings in an automotive engine is 

The most accurate dynamometer is the 

The most accurate petrol injection system is the

The most accurate timer for electronic ignition system is the

The most common lubrication system in automobile is the

The most common lubrication system in automobile is the

The most commonly used car heater is the

The most commonly used valve in an automobile engine is

The most important characteristic of a lubricating oil is its 

The most important characteristic of a lubricating oil is its

The most widely used fuel supply system for car engines is the 

The negative plate of a lead-acid battery has 

The number of ignition coils in a distributorless ignition system for a 6-cylinder engine is 

The number of main bearings in a 4-cylinder car engine is usually

The number of positive plates in a battery cell is 

The number of windings in the stator of an alternator is 

The number of windings in the stator of an alternator is

The object of air conditioning a car is to control therein the

The octane number of iso-octane is

The oil pan in an engine may be made of 

The opening pressure of hole type nozzles varies from 

The opening pressure of pintle type nozzles varies from 

The output of an alternator is controlled by 

The PCV valve is located between the 

The permissible mixing of cross-ply and radial-ply automobile tyres allows

The piston pins in the modern automobile engines are usually 

The piston-skirt clearance at room temperature is about 

The position of the PCV valve plunger at idle speed is 

The positive plate of a lead-acid battery has 

The primary function of lubrication is to

The primary function of lubrication is to 

The primary purpose of a ring expander is to 

The primary winding of ignition coil consists of 

The process in which hydrocarbons are decomposed into smaller hydrocarbons is called 

The process of changing the molecular structure of the straight-run gasolines is called

The pump for the air injection system is of 

The purpose of piston rings is to control

The purpose of the fan is to 

The purpose of the thermostat is to keep the engine 

The push rod is located between the 

The radiator core is made of 

The ratio of main journal diameter and thecylinder bore in a ear engine is approximately

The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called 

The spark occurs when the 

The spray of water from a car washer is at a pressure of about

The stalling torques of starting motors for cars vary between 

The steering ratio for manual steering of cars is approximately

The stem clearance in the valve guide is checked by means of a

The term ‘ply rating’ with reference to a tyre refers to the

The thermostat valve starts to open at about 

The three components of primary ignition circuit are 

The three units contained in a regulator for automobile d.c. generator are 

The throttle valve controls the supply of 

The tool employed to measure the shaft run out is the 

The turning circle for a car is approximately 

The type of gear axle used on trucks is 

The type of reflector used for automobile head lamp is 

The type of steering gear used in a Maruti 800 car is

The type of wheel which cannot be used with a tubeless tyre is

The type of wheels preferred in sports cars are

The units of spring scale for the engine indicator are 

The uppermost ring on a piston is usually plated with 

The use of tetraethyl lead in gasolines is being gradually discontinued because 

The valves have to be replaced if the metal to be removed lor smoothening their end surfaces is more than 

The vehicle ride will be comfortable if 

The venturi in the carburettor causes the 

The vibration damper on a crankshaft reduces the 

The warpage of cylinder head is checked with a

The width of the valve seat should not be kept more than 

To increase output voltage, battery cells are connected in 

Trafficators are light signals used for 

Tread distortion is least on 

Two types of semi-conductors are 

V-12 engine is used in 

V-eight engine was employed in

Vacuum advance mechanism operate at 

Valve overlap occurs between 

Valve-actuating mechanism with two overhead camshafts is employed in the engine of 

When the choke is applied the fuel come out from the 

When the rear wheels are jacked up and gears are in neutral, turning one rear wheel forward in a rear drive vehicle will cause the other wheel to 

While lapping a valve, the lapping compound is applied to its 

With the increase of battery temperature, the specific gravity of electrolyte 


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