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Welcome to the first page of the Fundamental of Nursing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) test. This page consists of ten thought-provoking questions designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts in nursing. Whether you are a nursing student preparing for an exam or a professional looking to refresh your knowledge, these questions will challenge you to think critically and apply key nursing principles.

The questions cover a wide range of topics, including basic nursing skills, patient care, nursing ethics, and communication. Each question is followed by multiple options, and your task is to select the most appropriate answer from the choices provided.

Question 1.  In triage, yellow color indicates:

(a) Emergent
(b) Urgent
(c) Nonurgent
(d) Dead

Ans: (b) Urgent

Question 2. An intentional touching of the patient’s body without consent is termed:

(a) Negligence
(b) Assault
(c) Battery
(d) Malpractice

Ans: Battery

Question 3. Abnormal lateral deviation of vertebral column is:

(a) Lordosis
(b) Kyphosis
(c) Scoliosis
(d) Osteoporosis

Ans: (c) Scoliosis

Question 4. The paralysis of both upper and lower extremities is known as:

(a) Hemiplegia
(b) Paraplegia
(c) Monoplegia
(d) Quadriplegia

Ans: (d) Quadriplegia

Question 5. Chvostek’s sign is an indication of:

(a) Hypernatremia
(b) Hypercalcemia
(c) Hyponatremia
(d) Hypocalcaemia

Ans: (d) Hypocalcaemia

Question 6 The position to be maintained for a patient with increased ICP is:

 (a) Fowler’s position
(b) Trendelenburg’s position
(c) Side lying
(d) Supine position

Ans: (a) Fowler’s position

Question 7. The pressure to be set in autoclave for sterilization is:

(a) 15 lb
(b) 5 lb
(c) 10lb
(d) 20 lb

Ans: (a) 15 lb

Question 8. In lumbar puncture, the needle is inserted between:

(a) L3-L4
(b) L1-L2
(c) L4-L5
(d) L2-L3

Ans: (a) L3-L4

Question 9. The apex beat is felt at which intercostal space?

(a) Third
(b) Forth
(c) Fifth
(d) Sixth

Ans: (c) Fifth

 Question 10. The fasting blood sugar value is:

(a) 70-110 mg%
(b) 50-90 mg%
(c) 120-180 mg%
(d) 180-200 mg%

Ans: (a) 70-110 mg%


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