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These automobile engineering mcq page-1 are most important for various exams like SSC JE, State Junior Engineer Job exams and important for other exams.

Once read the MCQ and observe whether it is important or not? PDF is also available.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-1
Question 1:- Lateral bending of the frame side members may be caused on account of

(a) weight of passengers
(b) side wind
(c) engine torque
(d) braking torque

Question 2:- Aneroid is a

(a) cold starting device
(b) emission control device
(c) decompression device
(d) device for timing injection

Question 3:- The most accurate dynamometer is the

(a) prony brake type
(b) hydraulic type
(c) swinging field type
(d) eddy current type

Question 4:- The frame may get distorted to a parallelogram shape due to

(a) weight of vehicle
(b) weight of passengers
(c) cornering force
(d) wheel impact with road obstacle

Question 5:- The maximum value of axial force at the clutch which a driver can apply while driving, without getting fatigued is approximately

(a) 10 N
(b) 100 N
(c) 500 N
(d) 5000 N

Question 6:- The maximum intensity of pressure which the clutch facing can withstand without being damaged is about

(a) 10 Pa
(b) 10 kPa
(c) 100 kPa
(d) 1000 kPa

Question 7:- Free pedal play in car clutches is about

(a) 3 mm
(b) 30 mm
(c) 60 mm
(d) 100 mm

Question 8:- By using synchronizing device, the two involved adjacent gears have their speeds

(a) increased
(b) reduced
(c) equalized
(d) unequalised

Question 9:- In a simple epicyclic gear set, the output member to increase torque in reverse is always

(a) ring gear
(b) planet carrier
(c) sun gear
(d) none of the above

Question 10:- In a simple planetary gear set, the output member to increase torque is always the

(a) sun gear
(b) ring gear
(c) planet carrier
(d) none of the above

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