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Automobile Engineering MCQ PDF Book covers fundamental aspects of automobile engineering and is a comprehensive guide for mechanical and automobile engineers.

Summary Of The PDF

The book has been revised on numerous occasions due to changing global trends. The book is a good read for students and aspirants of courses dealing with mechanical or automobile engineering.

Automobile Engineering PDF will help all automobile engineers in understanding and absorbing concepts like maintenance, marketing and design. Students will also benefit immensely from the multiple choice questions. This will help them prepare for competitive objective examinations. 

The book contains several insightful MCQ like Engine Service, Fuels, Cooling System, Constructional Details: I, Lubrication and Lubricants, Constructional Details: II, Engine Performance, Combustion & Combustion Chambers, Diesel engine fuel supply systems, Testing of Automobile engine, Petrol Engine Fuel Supply systems, Storage Batteries, Conventional Ignitions Systems, Miscellaneous topics and Starting System.

Automobile Engineering PDF also contains MCQ dealing with Emission Control, Electronic Ignition systems, Automotive Engine specifications and Charging system. There are special appendices covering Specification of Indian High speed Diesel, Specification of Indian petrol, Fuel consumption of some Indian petrol vehicles, Specification of Indian Bio-Diesel, Selected Indian Standards concerning Automotive Engines, Fuel consumption of some Indian diesel vehicles, Technical terms and Electronic Circuits. 


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