Important MCQ Community Health Nursing

Top 50 Important MCQ Community Health Nursing

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Question 1:- Bagassosis is caused by inhalation of:
(a) Sugarcane dust 
(b) Cotton dust
(c) Jute dust
(d) coal dust

Question 2:- Lead is widely used in variety of industries because of its properties except
(a) low boiling point
(b) anti corrosive
(c) non oxidizing 
(d) mixes with other material easily
Question 3:- Appearance of burton’s line in Lead poisoning
(a) greenish coating on gums
(b) Bluish purple line on gums
(c) pale pinkish gums
(d) brown stains on teeth
Question 4:- Strategies to prevent occupational dermatitis includes
(a) application of barrier creams
(b) Pre- Selection examination
(c) use of protective equipment and periodic health checkup
(d) all of the above
Question 5:- The act that is recommended for prevention of creches for women in factory
(a) The India mines act 1923
(b) ESI act 1948
(c) The Factories Act 1976
(d) CGHS
Question 6. ESI act 1948 was last amended in the year
(a) 2008
(b) 1998
(c) 1989
(d) 2010
Question 7. Role of occupational health nurse includes the following except
(a) prevention of workplace accidents and injuries
(b) promotion of Health and work ability
(c)  improving environmental health for occupational health workers
(d) Improve the productivity outcome of workers
Question 8. International Labour Organisation is situated in
(a) Geneva
(b) Denmark
(c) Scotland
(d) United States of America

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Question 9. An employer contributes………… percentage of  wages for the benefit of employees in every wage period under ESI act
(a) 1.75%
(b) 4.75%
(c) 2.35%
(d) 3.75%
Question 10. Tryptophan is present in all except
(a) Maize
(b) Cheese
(c) chicken
(d) fish
Question 11. Calorie intake of 1 year child per kg is
(a) 100
(b) 200
(c) 300
(d) 400
Question 12. Maximum amount of vitamin D is present in among the following
(a) liver
(b) egg yolk
(c) cheese
(d) cod liver oil 
Question 13. Phosphatase test is used
(a) to test the presence of nitric acid
(b) to determine the type of methemoglobinemia, a blood disorder
(c) Test for efficacy of Pasteurization of Milk 
(d) None of the above
Question 14. 3D’s (Diarrhoea, dementia,dermatitis)Are the characteristic of deficiency disorder
(a) Niacin
(b) Thiamine
(c) Riboflavin 
(d) Biotin
Question 16. Amino acid deficient in weight is 
(a) Leucine
(b) Methionine
(c) Lysine
(d) Cystine

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Question 17. ASHA (Accredited social health activist) workers are functioning at
(a) Community health
(b) village level
(c) PHC level
(d) district level
Question 18. All the following components are used in Kuppuswamy classification of socio-economic status except
(a) Family income
(b) education
(c) occupation
(d) number of children
Question 19. Ortho tolidine test is used for detecting……..
(a) chlorine
(b) silver
(c) oxygen
(d) ammonia
Question 20. Which of the following viral infections is transmitted by tick?
(a) Japanese encephalitis
(b) dengue fever
(c) Kyasanur forest disease
(d) yellow fever
Question 21. Name the classification developed by WHO for disability
(a) International classification of functioning, disability and health
(b) Kuppuswamy classification
(c) NYHA classification
(d) FAB classification
Question 22. Kala azar is transmitted by
(a) Aedes mosquito
(b) tsetse fly
(c) Sand fly
(d) mice
Question 23. Which disease condition is transmitted by Aedes mosquito?
(a) dengue fever
(b) Chikungunya
(c) yellow fever
(d) all of the above
Question 24. Koplik’s spots are seen in:
(a) Rubella
(b) measles
(c) Chikungunya
(d) chicken pox

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Question 25. Primary Health Care is
(a) health for all
(b) health for those who are in need
(c) health for an area of 30000 population
(d) health for children attending primary school
Question 26. Following are the elements of Primary Health Care except
(a) health education
(b) intersectoral coordination
(c) cost effectiveness
(d) provision of essential drugs
Question 27. Causative organism of AIDS
(a) rabies virus
(b) CMV
(c) retrovirus
(d) adenovirus
Question 28. Universal immunization program was launched in the year of
(a) 1974
(b) 1978
(c) 1985
(d) 1992
Question 29. Mid day meal programme started in……. year?
(a) 1960
(b) 1961
(c) 1995
(d) 2001
Question 30. Live vaccine is
(a) DPT
(b) Hepatitis B
(c) TT
(d) BCG 
Question 31. Oral rehydration solution does not contain
(a) sodium chloride
(b) calcium lactate
(c) Bicarbonate
(d) glucose 
Question 32. The World Health Organization day is
(a) 7th April
(b) 4th may
(c) 17th August
(d) 1st December
Question 33. Grey baby syndrome is caused by
(a) Chloramphenicol
(b) Amphotericin B
(c) vancomycin
(d) tetracyclines
Question 34. Best response from a nurse to the woman who missed single dose of oral contraceptive pill?
(a) take the missed pill now and continue the course
(b) take two pills the next day and continue with the course
(c) discontinue the course because OCP has no more effect
(d) use barrier technique 
Question 35. Among the following identify the most common complication associated with mumps?
(a) Aseptic meningitis
(b) mastitis
(c) Orchidites
(d) Oophoritis
Question 36. Which of the following agent is responsible for Bagassosis?
(a) Smoke
(b) silica
(c) sugarcane dust
(d) coal
Question 37. Which of the following is the early sign of Leprosy?
(a) loss of sensation
(b) lesions over the skin
(c) thickened painful nerve
(d) sinking of the nose bridge 
Question 38. All the vaccines are the national immunization schedule except
(a) BCG
(b) pentavalent
(c) pneumococcal
(d) OPV
Question 39. Common side effect of copper-T is
(a) pain
(b) bleeding
(c) vaginal discharge
(d) pelvic inflammation
Question 40. Health survey and development committee is also known as?
(a)  Bhore committee
(b) Chadah committee
(c) Srivastav committee
(d) Mukherjee committee
Question 41. DOTS is for…….condition
(b) Leprosy
(c) malaria
(d) HIV
Question 42. Rabies free zone in India is
(a) Goa
(b) Lakshadweep
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Tamil Nadu
Question 43. Guthrie Test is useful for screening
(a) pomp’s disease
(b) Phenylketonuria
(d) haemophilia
Question 44. Which of the following ATT drug is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy?
(a) Pyrazinamide 
(b) Rifampicin
(c) streptomycin
(d) ethambutol
Question 45.Continuous vomiting can lead to
(a) respiratory acidosis
(b) respiratory alkalosis
(c) Metabolic acidosis
(d) metabolic alkalosis
Question 46. Monday fever is known as
(a) Bagssosis 
(b) Byssinosis
(c) Asbestosis
(d) COPD
Question 47. Among the following secondary prevention of TB is
(a) BCG vaccination
(b) DOTS treatment
(c) health education
(d) sputum testing
Question 48.  Scotch tape swab is used to identify
(a) tapeworm 
(b) pinworm
(c) Angilostoma
(d) Cryptosporidium
Question 49. Amebiasis is transmitted through route
(a) Feco-oral
(b) Parenteral
(c) vector-borne
(d) Airborne
Question 50. Lepromin test is used to diagnose
(a) leprosy
(b) malaria
(c) TV

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