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This is Pediatric Nursing mcq set-1 nursing mcq questions containing mcq from question 01 to 10 in the series of hundreds of Pediatric Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-01

Curved legs, deformed pelvis and pigeon chest in a child, are the clinical features of-

(a) Rickets
(b) Osteomalacia
(c) Keratomalacia
(d) Beri-beri

Ans: (a) Rickets

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-02

Recommended daily intake of vitamin D in an infant is-

(a) 100 IU
(b) 200 IU
(c) 400 IU
(d) 500 IU

Ans: (b) 200 IU

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-03

Deficiency of thiamine during infancy may cause-

(a) Infentile pellagra
(b) Infentile beri-beri
(c) Infentile scurvy
(d) Rickets

Ans: (b) Infentile beri-beri

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-04

Recommended daily intake of vitamin-B12, in an infant is-

(a) 1 mcg
(b) 2 mcg
(c) 0.2 mcg
(d) 0.8 mcg

Ans: (c) 0.2 mcg

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-05

Vitamin B2 is also known as-

(a) Thiamine
(b) Riboflavin
(c) Niacin
(d) Biotin

Ans: (b) Riboflavin

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Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-06

The disease which is characterized by three D’s-

(a) Beri-beri
(b) Pellagra
(c) Anaemia
(d) Scurvy

Ans: (b) Pellagra

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-07

Pernicious anaemia is occured due to deficiency of-

(a) Vitamin B3
(b) Vitamin-B12
(c) Vitamin-C
(d) Vitamin-A

Ans: (b) Vitamin – B12

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-08

In following which is the richest source of vitamin-C –

(a) Amla
(b) Guava
(c) Orange
(d) Lime

Ans: (a) Amla

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-09

The causative organism of chickenpox is-

(a) Vericella zoster virus
(b) Paramyxovirus
(c) Myxovirus parotiditis
(d) Bordetalla pertusis

Ans: (a) Vericella zoster virus

Pediatric Nursing MCQ Number-10

The portal of entry of the virus, responsible for chicken pox is-

(a) Alimentary canal
(b) Respiratory tract
(c) Alimentary canal
(d) Parenteral

Ans: (b) Respiratory tract


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