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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-6 contains 10 MCQs as given below:

This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-6
Question 51:- The function of a shackle with a leaf spring is to
(a) allow pivoting of spring end
(b) allow spring length to change
(c) control sides way
(d) control rear torque

Question 52:- Spring eyes in case of cars are usually lined with
(a) bronze bushes
(b) rubber bushes
(c) steel bushes
(d) metal bushes

Question 53:- The turning circle for a car is approximately
(a) 1 metre
(b) 2 metres
(c) 10 metres
(d) 30 meters

Question 54:- Cornering force divided by slip angle is called
(a) self-righting torque
(b) cornering power
(c) pneumatic trail
(d) castor trail

Question 55:- The side force sustained by the wheel during cornering divided by the slip angle is called
(a) cornering force
(b) camber force
(c) cornering power
(d) none of the above

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Question 56:- Most popular manual steering gear for cars today is
(a) rack and pinion type
(b) worm and wheel type
(c) cam and roller type
(d) worm and nut type

Question 57:- The steering ratio for manual steering of cars is approximately
(a) 5
(b) 15
(c) 50
(d) 100

Question 58:- Another name for the steering link rod is
(a) track rod
(b) tie rod
(c) drag link
(d) pitman

Question 59:- One purpose of a recirculating ball type steering gear is to reduce the
(a) operating friction
(b) operating cost
(c) toe-out during turns
(d) number of pats

Question 60:- In the recirculating ball type steering gear, the ball travel between the ball nut and the
(a) gear track
(b) worm wheel
(c) steering wheel shaft
(d) worm shaft

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