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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-7

Question 61:- The type of steering gear used in a Maruti 800 car is
(a) gear rack
(b) worm and roller
(c) worm and wheel
(d) none of the above

Question 62:- On car having rack and pinion steering, the gear rack is attached to
(a) relay rod
(b) pitman axis
(c) cross shaft
(d) tie rod

Question 63:- The type of wheel which cannot be used with a tubeless tyre is
(a) disc wheel
(b) wire wheel
(c) light alloy wheel
(d) composite wheel

Question 64:- The type of wheels preferred in sports cars are
(a) disc wheel
(b) wire wheel
(c) magnesium alloy wheel
(d) aluminium alloy wheel

Question 65:- In case of a wire wheel the vehicle weight is supported by the wires in
(a) tension
(b) compression
(c) bending
(d) shear

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Question 66:- The term ‘ply rating’ with reference to a tyre refers to the
(a) actual number of plies
(b) recommended inflation pressure
(c) aspect ratio
(d) rated strength

Question 67:- The purpose of tyre sipes is to
(a) increase tread life
(b) decrease noise level
(c) provide softer ride
(d) increase traction

Question 68:- Tread distortion is least on
(a) radial ply tyres
(b) cross ply tyres
(c) cross ply belted tyres
(d) none of these

Question 69:- Out of round brake drums cause the tyres to wear
(a) on the inside
(b) on the outside
(c) in single spots
(d) uniformly all round

Question 70:- Heel’ and toe wear’ in tyres is caused by
(a) excessive acceleration and braking
(b) overinflation
(c) underinflation
(d) excessive camber

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