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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-9

Question 81:- If proportioning valve is not working
(a) front brakes may lock
(b) rear brakes may lock
(c) from brakes may drag
(d) rear brakes may drag

Question 82:- Most anti-skid devices are employed on
(a) rear brakes
(b) front brakes
(c) secondary’ brakes
(d) parking brakes

Question 83:- In disc brakes, pad-to-disc adjustment is provided by
(a) caliper
(b) piston
(c) piston seal
(d) bleed screw

Question 84:- In Maruti car the brakes used are
(al) disc brakes only
(b) drum brakes only
(c) disc on front and drum on rear
(d) drum on front and disc on rear.

Question 85:- Electric brakes are commonly used on
(a) two wheelers
(b) cars
(c) trucks
(d) trailers

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Question 86:- On suspended vacuum brakes, there is vacuum on both sides of the piston during
(a) brake application
(b) brake release
(c) part application of brakes
(d) all of these

Question 87:- Air brakes are mostly used in case of
(a) cars
(b) jeeps
(c) trucks
(d) three-wheelers

Question 88:- The hand brake usually operates on
(a) rear wheels
(b) front wheels
(c) right wheels
(d) left wheels

Question 89:- Brake lining consists mainly of
(a) asbestos
(b) copper
(c) cast iron
(d) aluminium

Question 90:- The maximum disc runout allowed on the vehicle is generally
(a) 1 mm
(b) 0.5 mm
(c) 0.1 mm
(d) 0.01 mm

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