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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-8

Question 71:- The permissible mixing of cross-ply and radial-ply automobile tyres allows
(a) cross-ply tyres on left wheels
(b) cross-ply tyres on right wheels
(c) cross-ply tyres on front wheels
(d) cross-ply tyres on rear wheels

Question 72:- The brake efficiency of a new vehicle is about
(a) 30 per cent
(b) 50 per cent
(c) 80 per cent
(d) 100 per cent

Question 73:- Brake fade is
(a) loss of pedal
(b) loss of coefficient of friction
(c) loss of hydraulic fluid
(d) none of these

Question 74:- Fading of brakes occurs
(a) at high speed
(b) at low speed
(c) during continuous application
(d) when brake lining is worn

Question 75:- Due to weight transfer, the ratio of braking effect at the front and at the rear wheels should be
(a) 50% at front and 50% at rear
(b) 60% at front and 40% at rear
(c) 40% at front and 60% at rear
(d) none of the above

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Question 76:- The brakes employed in cars are usually operated
(a) mechanically
(b) hydraulically
(c) by means of engine vacuum
(d) by compressed air

Question 77:- Component of the wheel cylinder which seals the brake fluid is
(a) piston
(b) spring
(c) dust cover
(d) cup

Question 78:- During braking the push rod directly operates
(a) piston
(b) primary seal
(c) residual pressure valve
(d) compensating port

Question 79:- In drum type brakes the fluid on releasing, returns to the master cylinder due to the action of the piston spring and
(a) by-pass port
(b) wheel-cylinder spring
(c) compensating port
(d) brake shoe retractor spring

Question 80:- Intake port in the master cylinder allows brake fluid to flow
(a) into the reservoir
(A) through the fluid check valve
(c) around the recessed section of piston
(d) all of the above

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