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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-5

Question 41:- The maximum torque multiplication ratio in a torque converter is about
(a) 2.5
(b) 10
(c) 25
(d) 100

Question 42:- A two piece propeller shaft requires
(a) one universal joint
(b) a center support bearing
(c) the shaft to be solid
(d) none of the above

Question 43:- Hypoid gear require special lubricant casing are
(a) teeth are made of sift material
(b) teeth are made of hard material
(c) such gear rotate faster
(d) sliding action is there between the teeth

Question 44:- The smaller gears inside the differential casing are
(a) pinion gears
(b) sun gears
(c) side gears
(d) ring gears

Question 45:- Panhard rod is used to absorb the
(a) vertical loading
(b) driving thrust
(c) side thrust
(d) braking torque

Question 46:- When the rear wheels are jacked up and gears are in neutral, turning one rear wheel forward in a rear drive vehicle will cause the other wheel to
(a) turn backward
(b) turn forward
(c) turn in either direction
(d)remain stationary

Question 47:- The type of gear axle used on trucks is
(a) semi-floating
(b) fully-floating
(c) three-quarter floating
(d) none of these

Question 48:- Salisbury type rear axle casing is also known as
(a) banjo type casing
(b) unitized carrier casing
(c) separate carrier casing
(d)none of these

Question 49:- The vehicle ride will be comfortable if
(a) unsprung weight is kept minimum
(b) sprung weight is kept minimum
(c) vehicle weight is kept minimum
(d) all of the above.

Question 50:- The function of a stabilizer in an automobile is to decrease the tendency to
(a) roll
(b) yaw
(c) pitch
(d) dip

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