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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-11

Question 101:- Best spanner for automobile work is the
(a) open-ended type
(h) combination type
(c) ring type
(d) socket type

Question 102:- For tightening cylinder head bolls we should prefer to use
(a) open-ended spanner
(b) torque wrench
(c) ring spanner
(d) adjustable spanner

Question 103:- For speeding up the tightening work we have to use
(a) long handle
(b) ratchet handle
(c) braced handle
(d) extension bar

Question 104:- Before drilling a hole, its center should be marked with a
(a) punch
(b) chisel
(c) drill bit
(d) none of the above

Question 105:- For measuring clearance between two flat surfaces the tool used is
(a) steel rule
(b) caliper
(c) micrometer
(d) feeler gauge

Question 106:- The tool employed to measure the shaft run out is the
(a) feeler gauge
(b) dial gauge
(c) micrometer
(d) caliper

Question 107:- The spray of water from a car washer is at a pressure of about
(a) 3 MPa
(b) 30 MPa
(c) 3 kPa
(d) 30 kPa

Question 108:- A chassis dynamometer measures the vehicle power at the
(a) engine crankshaft
(b) transmission shaft
(c) wheels
(d) none of these

Question 109:- Car clutch is usually operated
(a) mechanically
(b) hydraulically
(c) pneumatically
(d) electrically

Question 110:- The clutch used in cars in usually
(a) Multiple disc type
(b) Single disc type
(c) Centrifugal type
(d) None of these

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