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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-10

Question 91:- The carbon-ceramic brakes are standard with effect from 2008, on all
(a) Farraris
(b) Porsches
(c) Audis
(d) BWS

Question 92:- For identification, the colour of tail lights in a car is
(a) white
(B) red
(c) green
(d) yellow

Question 93:- The two quantities used for specifying an electrical wire are
(a) the colour and length
(b) the length and diameter
(c) the diameter and number of strands
(d) the colour and diameter

Question 94:- The type of reflector used for automobile head lamp is
(a) spherical
(b) parabolic
(c) hyperbolic
(d) none of these

Question 95:- In a head lamp the metal shield is placed below the
(a) dipper beam
(b) main beam
(c) both the beams
(d) none of these

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Question 96:- For aiming the headlights, the distance between the headlights and the screen should be
(a) 1.5m
(b) 4.6 m
(c) 7.6m
(d) 10.6 m

Question 97:- In modern vehicles, the headlight dimming switch is mounted on the
(a) steering column
(b) dash board
(c) flour board
(d) side panel.

Question 98:- Trafficators are light signals used for
(a) heavy traffic
(h) light traffic
(c) reversing the car in traffic
(d) indicating the direction in which turning

Question 99:- The most commonly used car heater is the
(a) hot air type
(b) hot water type
(c) petrol type
(d) diesel type

Question 100:- The object of air conditioning a car is to control therein the
(a) temperature and pressure
(b) pressure and humidity
(c) humidity and temperature
(d) none of these


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