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This is Nursing Research mcq set-18 in the series of hundreds Nursing Research MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Research MCQ Question 136:-

Best Method of variability is:

(a) Mean
(b) Median
(c) Range
(d) Standard deviation

Ans: (d) Standard deviation ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 137:-

Accuracy and consistency of a research tool is known as-

(a) Validity
(b) Reliability
(c) Objectivity
(d) Sensitivity

Ans: (b) Reliability ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 138:-

Application of research findings to particular population from which the sample is drawn, known as-

(a) Interpretation
(b) Analysis
(c) Generalisation
(d) Hypothesis

Ans: (c) Generalisation ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 139:-

In upper example, which is the independent variable-

(a) Teaching on breathing exercise
(b) Respiratory complications
(c) Post operative period
(d) Pre-operative period

Ans: (a) Teaching on breathing exercise ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 140:-

In research process facts generally accepted as true, are known as-

(a) Assumptions
(b) Limitations
(c) Variables
(d) New hypothesis

Ans: (a) Assumptions ✔


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