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This is Nursing Research mcq set-2 containing mcq from question 11 to 20 in the series of hundreds Nursing Research MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Research MCQ Question 11:-

Spread of dispersion is expressed by

(a) Mean
(b) SD
(c) Mode
(d) Median

Ans: (b) SD ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 12:-

Relationship between weight in kg and height in cm can be showed in [AIIMS Jodhpur SNO 2018]

(a) Bar diagram
(b) Scattered plot
(c) Histogram
(d) Pie chart

Ans: (b) Scattered plot ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 13:-

Correlation is strongest [AIIMS Jodhpur SNO 2018]

(a) -1.00
(b) -0.95
(c) + 0.90
(d) +0.10

Ans: (a) -1.00 ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 14:-

The square root of the variance is

(a) Standard deviation
(b) Standard error
(c) Z score
(d) Variance

Ans: (a) Standard deviation ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 15:-

Which of the following is not a measure of variability?

(a) Median
(b) Variance
(c) Standard deviation
(d) Range

Ans: (a) Median ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 16:-

The process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of ideas is known as

(a) Inductive reasoning
(b) Deductive reasoning
(c) Idealism
(d) Logical reasoning

Ans: (b) Deductive reasoning ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 17:-

The first step of the Research Process is to :

(a) Prepare the Research Design
(b) Complete Data collection and Analysis
(c) Formulate the Research Questions
(d) Prepare the Report

Ans: (c) Formulate the Research Questions ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 18:-

As a professional, a nurse can do research for varied reason except:

(a) Professional advancement
(b) To validate the results of new nursing modalities
(c) For financial gains
(d) To improve nursing care

Ans: (c) For financial gains ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 19:-

Who is the first nurse researcher?

(a) Martha Rogers
(b) Dorothea Orem
(c) Florence Nightingale
(d) Sr. Callista Roy

Ans: (c) Florence Nightingale ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 20:-

Which of the following is not the purpose of pilot study?

(a) Tool refinement
(b) Fine tune the data collection process
(c) Helps in sample size calculation
(d) Drawing final inferences

Ans: (b) Fine tune the data collection process ✔


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