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This is Nursing Research mcq set-11 containing mcq from question 101 to 105 in the series of hundreds Nursing Research MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Research MCQ set-11 Question 101:-

Dependent variables are also known as-

(a) Effect variables
(b) Cause variables
(c) Mid variables
(d) Beginning variables

Ans: (a) Effect variables ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 102:-

The variables which may affect the variables those to be studied are known as-

(a) Dependent variable
(b) Independent variable
(c) Intermediate variable
(d) Final variables

Ans: (b) Independent variable ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 103:-

A statement or declaration of the expected outcome of a research study, is known as-

(a) Hypothesis
(b) Assumption
(c) Pilot study
(d) Operational definitions

Ans: (a) Hypothesis ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 104:-

Characteristics of a well stated hypothesis include except-

(a) It is directly related to research problem
(b) It states a relationship between variables
(c) It should be testable
(d) It is stated in such a form that it cannot be rejected

Ans: (d) It is stated in such a form that it cannot be rejected ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 105:-

In research process, the cut off points beyond which the researcher does not intend to probe, is termed as-

(a) Variables
(c) Limitations
(b) Hypothesis
(d) Delimitations

Ans: (d) Delimitations ✔


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