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This is Nursing Research mcq set-10 containing mcq from question 91 to 100 in the series of hundreds Nursing Research MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Research MCQ Question 91:-

Statement of the expected relationship between two or more variable is known as the

(a) Assumption
(b) Hypothesis
(c) Problem statement
(d) research question

Ans: (b) Hypothesis ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 92:-

The hypothesis that begins with specific observation and move towards generalizations, is called as

(a) Inductive
(b) Deductive
(c) Simple
(d) Complex

Ans: (a) Inductive ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 93:-

Hypothesis does not

(a) Explain the relationship between variables
(b) Explain the differences between variables
(c) Give direction to data collection
(d) Give direction to data analysis

Ans: (b) Explain the differences between variables ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 94:-

Which of the following is not true for hypothesis?

(a) It is a prediction of relationship between variables
(b) It is a researches anticipation regarding the study
(c) A hypothesis is a tentative generalization
(d) It cannot be tested

Ans: (d) It cannot be tested ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 95:-

Which of the following statements meets the criteria for the complex hypothesis?

(a) There is significant negative correlation between years of experience and level of burnout symptoms of nurses
(b) Music therapy reduces the ancient among post operative CABG patients
(c) Balanced diet and regular exercise decrease the incidence of postpartum depression
(d) Female nurses have higher job satisfaction compare to male nurses

Ans: (c) Balanced diet and regular exercise decrease the incidence of postpartum depression ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 96:-

Pair of hypotheses that are similar to each other is

(a) Simple and complex
(b) Associative and causal
(c) Directional and non-directional
(d) Research and null

Ans: (b) Associative and causal ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 97:-

A method of data collection in which several rounds of questionnaires are mailed to a panel of experts, focusing on their opinions or judgment concerning a specific topic of interest is

(a) Focus group interview
(b) Meta-analysis
(c) Delphi technique
(d) Systematic analysis

Ans: (c) Delphi technique ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 98:-

The type of research that has a control over variables, manipulates variables and uses purposive sampling, is known as

(a) Non-experimental
(b) Pre-experimental
(c) Quasi experimental
(d) True experimental

Ans: (c) Quasi experimental ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 99:-

Properties of true experimental research study are the following except

(a) Manipulation
(b) Control
(c) Matching
(d) Randomization

Ans: (c) Matching ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 100:-

Which of the following research design mandatorily requires randomization, control and manipulation?

(a) Explorative study
(b) Quasi-experimental design
(c) True-experimental design
(d) Pre -experimental design

Ans: (c) True-experimental design ✔


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