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This is Nursing Research mcq set-12 containing mcq from question 106 to 110 in the series of hundreds Nursing Research MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Research MCQ Question 106:-

In which stage of research datas are collected-

(a) Assessment
(b) Planning
(c) Implementing
(d) Applying results

Ans: (c) Implementing ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 107:-

Planning stage of research process includes following steps except-

(a) Review of literature
(b) Writing the report
(c) Pilot study
(d) Selection of sample

Ans: (b) Writing the report ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 108:-

Ethical issues in nursing research regarding rights of human subjects include following except-

(a) Obtain informed consent
(b) Subject is free to respond
(c) Participation of subject in research process is compulsory
(d) There should be guarantees of confidentiality

Ans: (c) Participation of subject in research process is compulsory ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 109:-

During research the characteristics or attributes under study, are called as-

(a) Assumptions
(b) Variables
(c) Hypothesis
(d) Delimitation

Ans: (b) Variables ✔

Nursing Research MCQ Question 110:-

During starting of research, the things that are believed by researcher to be true, are known as-

(a) Variables
(b) Pilot study
(c) Assumptions
(d) Hypothesis

Ans: (c) Assumptions ✔


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