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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-3.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-3
Question 21:- Weight of the vehicle produces in the side members of the Frame
(a) vertical bending
(b) horizontal bending
(c) torsion
(d) all of these

Question 22:- The inner end of axle shaft is splined to the
(a) sun gear
(b) planet pinion
(c) crown wheel
(d) differential cage

Question 23:- The adjustment for backlash in a differential is provided between
(a) crown wheel and the sun gear
(b) sun gear and the planet gear
(c) crown wheel and the drive pinion
(d) crown wheel and the planet gear

Question 24:- The function of a universal joint is to allow the propeller shaft to
(a) change length
(b) bend sideways
(c) transfer torque at a angle
(d) change inclination

Question 25:- Central portion of a propeller shaft is made from a
(a) steel shaft
(b) gun metal shaft
(c) steel tube
(d) cast iron rod

Question 26:- Critical whirling speed of a shaft is increased by
(a) Increasing its length
(b) Decreasing its length
(c) Decreasing its diameter
(d) None of the. these

Question 27:- The blades in a torque converter have a shape which is
(a) square
(b) round
(c) flat
(d) curved

Question 28:- In a torque converter maximum torque multiplication occurs at
(a) stop
(b) low speed
(c) medium speed
(d) high speed

Question 29:- The component or me torque converter that redirects the flow of oil to impeller is
(a) turbine
(b) impeller
(c) stator
(d) freewheel

Question 30:- The component of the torque converter that drives the oil is the
(a) turbine
(b) impeller
(c) freewheel
(d) stator

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