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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-25.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-25
Question 241:- It is common for the diesel engine to emit excessive smoke during
(a) starting
(b) acceleration
(c) deceleration
(d) idling

Question 242:- A clutch is usually designed to transmit maximum torque which is :

(a) 80 percent of the maximum engine torque
(b) equal to the maximum engine torque
(c) 150 per cent of the maximum engine torque
(d) none of the above

Question 243:- From the engine indicator diagram, we obtain
(a) I.M.E.P.
(b) B.M.E.P.
(c) mechanical efficiency
(d) relative efficiency

Question 244:- The units of spring scale for the engine indicator are
(a) kW
(b) N
(c) Nm
(d) N/m^2/m

Question 245:- Engine indicators not having any inertia effects are
(a) mechanical type
(b) electrical type
(c) optical type
(d) none of these

Question 246:- The inertia of the rotating parts of the clutch should be

(a) minimum
(b) maximum
(c) zero
(d) none of the above

Question 247:- Most commonly used dynamometer on account of its simplicity of construction is the
(a) prony brake type
(b) hydraulic type
(c) swinging field type
(d) eddy current type

Question 248:- Brake thermal efficiency for S.I. engines usually varies between
(a) 25% and 30%
(b) 30% and 60%
(c) 60% and 80%
(d) More than 80%

Question 249:- The three components of primary ignition circuit are
(a) the contact breaker, condenser and distributor cup
(b) the contact breaker, ignition coil and spark plug
(c) the contact breaker, ignition switch unit condenser
(d) the contact breaker, ignition switch and rotor

Question 250:- The components of secondary ignition circuit include the secondary winding of ignition coil, distributor rotor, distributor cap and
(a) condenser
(b) spark plug
(c) ignition switch
(d) distributor drive gear

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