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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-22

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-22
Question 211:- The most widely used fuel supply system for car engines is the
(a) gravity system
(b) pressure system
(c) vacuum system
(d) pump system

Question 212:- The drive for the mechanical fuel pump is taken from the
(a) crankshaft
(b) camshaft
(c) distributor shaft
(d) any of these

Question 213:- Small holes in the pump body provide a vent for
(a) air
(b) water
(c) fuel
(d) oil

Question 214:- fuel pump outlet pressure should be approximately
(a) 3 kPa
(b) 30 kPa
(c) 100 kPa
(d) 300 kPa

Question 215:- Lean air-fuel mixture is required for
(a) starting
(b) idling
(c) cruising
(d) acceleration

Question 216:- The carburettor provides the correct quality of air-fuel mixture during
(a) starting
(b) idling
(c) acceleration
(d) all conditions

Question 217:- The venturi in the carburettor causes the
(a) increase or air velocity
(b) decrease of air velocity
(c) decrease of fuel flow
(d) decrease of manifold vacuum

Question 218:- The throttle valve controls the supply of
(a) air only
(b) fuel only
(c) air fuel mixture
(d) none of these

Question 219:- A single jet carburettor tends to supply richer mixture during
(a) starling
(b) idling
(c) low speed operation
(d) high speed operation

Question 220:- The choke is usually closed when the engine is
(a) hot
(b) cold
(c) idling
(d) accelerating

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