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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-26.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-26
Question 251:- The primary winding of ignition coil consists of
(a) a few turns of thin wire
(b) many turns of thin wire
(c) a few turns of thick wire
(d) many turns of thick wire

Question 252:- Contact breaker points are generally made of
(a) plastic
(b) steel
(c) copper
(d) tungsten

Question 253:- The ‘dwell’ is
(a) The time for which the points remain closed
(b) the distance between the cam lobes
(c) the angle at which the heal contacts the cam
(d) none of the above

Question 254:- Excessive contact breaker gap results in
(a) advanced timing
(b) increased dwell
(c) rapid burning of point
(d) all of the above

Question 255:- The spark occurs when the
(a) points closed
(b) increased dwell
(c) ignition switch is on
(d) none of the above

Question 256:- Contact breaker points are opened by the cam and closed by the
(a) same cam
(b) centrifugal force
(c) magnetic force
(d) spring tension

Question 257:- The dwell angle on a six- cylinder engine compared to a four-cylinder engine is
(a) more
(b) less
(c) equal
(d) sometimes less and sometimes more

Question 258:- The contact breaker gap is set most accurate by means of a
(a) feeler gauge
(b) steel rule
(c) dial gauge
(d) dwell meter

Question 259:- Contact breaker gap should be set
(a) before adjusting dwell angle
(b) after adjusting dwell angle
(c) first after starting the engine
(d) after setting spark plug gap

Question 260:- The capacity of an automotive engine consider is approximately
(a) 0.2 microfarads
(b) 2 microfarads
(c) 20 microfarads
(d) 2 millifarads

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