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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-20.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-20 :
Question 191:- The most important characteristic of a lubricating oil is its
(a) viscousity
(b) physical stability
(c) chemical stability
(d) resistance against corrosion

Question 192:- Most commonly used lubricants in automobiles are the
(a) animal oils
(b) mineral oils
(c) vegetable oils
(d) synthetic oils

Question 193:- The most common lubrication system in automobile is the
(a) petroit system
(b) splash system
(c) pressure system
(d) none of the above

Question 194:- The approximate oil pressure in the lubrication system in modern cars is
(a) 45-50 kPa
(b) 200-400 kPa
(c) 1-5 MPa
(d) more than 10 MPa

Question 195:- Maximum oil pressure in the lubrication system is controlled by
(a) oil filter
(b) pump rotor
(c) pressure relief valve
(d) pressure switch

Question 196:- The lubrication system in all modern cars has
(a) gear type pump
(b) rotor type pump
(c) oil filter
(d) oil cooler

Question 197:- From the oil pump the oil directly to
(a) oil gallery
(b) oil strainer
(c) oil filter
(d) main bearings

Question 198:- End play of gears of an oil pump may be checked by using
(a) inside caliper
(b) outside caliper
(c) vernier caliper and feeler gauge
(d) straight edge and feeler gauge

Question 199:- The best hydrocarbons from detonation viewpoint are
(a) paraffins
(b) olefins
(c) naphthenes
(d) aromatics

Question 200:- The process of changing the molecular structure of the straight-run gasolines is called
(a) cracking
(b) reforming
(c) refining
(d) none of the above

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