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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-17

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-17
Question 161:- Valve overlap occurs between
(a) intake and compression strokes
(b) compression and power strokes
(c) power and exhaust strokes
(d) exhaust and intake strokes.

Question 162:- The engine requires overhauling in case of
(a) poor compression
(b) excessive consumption of lubricating oil
(c) mechanical failure
(d) all of the above

Question 163:- The carbon from the cylinder head is removed with
(a) water
(b) caustic soda
(c) scraper
(d) soap

Question 164:- The warpage of cylinder head is checked with a
(a) metal rule
(b) vernier caliper
(c) micrometer
(d) dial gauge

Question 165:- The cylinder head nuts should be tightened to a torque of about
(a) 15 Nm
(b) 150 Nm
(c) 50 Nm
(d) 1500 Nm

Question 166:- Aluminized valves are never ground they have to be replaced because
(a) aluminium is a costly material
(b) aluminium surface is difficult to he ground
(c) grinding such valves will make them corrosion prone
(d) none of these.

Question 167:- The valves have to be replaced if the metal to be removed lor smoothening their end surfaces is more than
(a) 0.05 mm
(b) 0.5 mm
(c) 1.5 mm
(d) 5 mm

Question 168:- The width of the valve seat should not be kept more than
(a) 0.2 mm
(b) 0.5 mm
(c) 1.2 mm
(d) 5 mm

Question 169:- While lapping a valve, the lapping compound is applied to its
(a) face
(b) stem
(c) guide
(d) tip

Question 170:- The stem clearance in the valve guide is checked by means of a
(a) metal rule
(b) vernier caliper
(c) micrometer
(d) dial gauge

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