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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-19.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-19
Question 181:- A pressure cap contains a
(a) pressure valve
(b) thermostat valve
(c) blow-off-valve
(d) pressure and vacuum valve

Question 182:- The purpose of the thermostat is to keep the engine
(a) hot
(b) cool
(c) at desire temperature
(d) none of the above

Question 183:- The thermostat valve starts to open at about
(a) 90°C
(b) 80°C
(c) 50°C
(d) 20°C

Question 184:- Coolant pumps are of
(a) vane type
(b) reciprocating type
(c) centrifugal type
(d) all of the above type

Question 185:- The purpose of the fan is to
(a) increase flow of coolant
(b) draw air through the radiator
(c) cool the engine by blowing air over it
(d) provide drive to the coolant pump

Question 186:- Cooling fans are driven by
(a) electricity and belts
(b) gears and belts
(c) chains and gears
(d) all of the above

Question 187:- The fan in the Maruti car is controlled
(a) electrically
(b) mechanically
(c) hydraulically
(d) magnetically

Question 188:- Engine overheating may result due to
(a) radiator pressure cap stuck closer
(b) thermostat stuck open
(c) broken fan belt
(d) excess coolant in the system

Question 189:- The friction that occurs between the layers of oil in an oil film is called
(a) viscous friction
(b) solid friction
(c) boundary friction
(d) greasy friction

Question 190:- The primary function of lubrication is to
(a) provide cooling effect
(b) provide sealing effect
(c) provide cleaning action
(d) reduce wear


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