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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-18.

Automobile Engineering MCQ page-18
Question 171:- Maximum permissible bearing clearance for the camshaft is usually
(a) 0.05 mm
(b) 0.15 mm
(c) 0.5 mm
(d) 1.5 mm

Question 172:- The bearing clearance is never measured with a
(a) vernier calliper
(b) micrometer
(c) feeler gauge
(d) plastigage

Question 173:- Maximum permissible ovality in a cylinder is usually
(a) 0.01 mm
(b) 0.1 mm
(c) 0.5 mm
(d) 1.0 mm

Question 174:- The cylinder bore oversize for reboring is calculated on the basis of
(a) minimum ovality in any cylinder
(b) maximum ovality in any cylinder
(c) average value of ovality in the cylinder
(d) size of the piston available

Question 175:- For checking the alignment of the crankshaft, the best method is to place it
(a) on V-blocks
(b) on its ends
(c) on lathe centres
(d) on a plane smooth table

Question 176:- The crankshaft bending should not generally exceed
(a) 0.008 mm
(b) 0.08 mm
(c) 0.8 mm
(d) 8 mm

Question 177:- Percentage of fuel energy lost to the cylinder walls in an automobile engine is approximately
(a) 1 per cent
(b) 10 per cent
(c) 30 per cent
(d) 80 per cent

Question 178:- Sequence of coolant circulation is:
(a) pump-radiator-block-head
(b) pump-block-head-radiator
(c) pump-block-radiator-head
(d) pump-radiator-head-block

Question 179:- On leaving the engine the coolant goes to
(a) pump inlet
(b) header tank
(c) collector tank
(d) none of the above

Question 180:- The radiator core is made of
(a) brass
(b) steel
(c) cast iron
(d) plastic

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