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This is Psychiatric Nursing mcq set-5 containing mcq from question 41 to 50 in the series of hundreds of Psychatric Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-41

In a client with substance abuse, which is the best indicator to assess the client’s progress in rehabilitation?

(a) perform all the activities of daily living independently
(b) the number of drug free days he has
(c) taking all the prescribed drugs on time
(d) wheeling to come for follow up

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-42

After initiating Lithium therapy, the therapeutic effects of serum Lithium concentration level is monitored

(a) <12 hours
(b) 12-24 hours
(c) 1-2 days
(d) After 1 week

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-43

Disturbances of orientation memory and intelligence is present in in which of the following condition?

(a) organic psychosis
(b) functional psychosis
(c) hallucination
(d) phobia

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-44

Which of the following client behaviour indicate displacement?

(a) ignoring unpleasant aspects of reality
(b) resisting any demand made by others
(c) using imaginary activity to escape reality
(d) directing pent-up emotions to other than the primary source

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-45

Which of the following therapy is based on learning theory?

(a) logo therapy
(b) psycho analysis
(c) behaviour therapy
(d) interpersonal therapy

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-46

An example of non therapeutic communication techniques

(a) validating
(b) Reflecting
(c) Belittling
(d) listening

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-47

The most common psychotherapy used to help a person with obsessive compulsive disorder is

(a) behaviour modification
(b) transaction therapy
(c) abreaction
(d) flooding

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-48

Johari window quadrant numbers are

(a) 2
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 8

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-49

The most important factor in a therapeutic relationship is

(a) trust
(b) knowledge
(c) professionalism
(d) motivation

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-50

Abnormal drowsiness in the daytime is known as

(a) narcolepsy
(b) somnolence
(c) somnambulism
(d) sleep ataxia


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