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This is Psychiatric Nursing mcq set-4 containing mcq from question 31 to 40 in the series of hundreds of Psychiatric Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-31

The major neurotransmitter involved in the occurrence of obsessive compulsive disorder is

(a) dopamine
(b) acetylcholine
(c) epinephrine
(d) serotonin

Psychatric Nursing MCQ Number-32

Which of the following is not a characteristic of endogenous depression?

(a) feeling of more sadness during morning
(b) having suicidal tendency
(c) a better feeling when in solitude
(d) feeling of more sadness during evening

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-33

Which of the following behaviour by a 35 year old male client indicates congestive development?

(a) acquire object permanence
(b) generates new levels of awareness
(c) intelligence is is demonstrated through to logical and systematic manipulation
(d) Egocentric thought diminishes

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-34

Among the following groups of sign and symptoms identify the most specific signs and symptoms that would be used for diagnosis of anorexia nervosa?

(a) Binge eating behaviour is present
(b) excessive weight loss, amenorrhea and abdominal distension
(c) eating only homemade food and avoiding fast food
(d) lazy and not doing any activity

Psychatric Nursing MCQ Number-35

Which of the following describe “ego defence mechanism”?

(a) mechanism designed to reduce stress and conflict causes by specific experiences
(b) a mechanism designed to remove psychological barriers
(c) any form of martial arts
(d) A method for negotiating a stage of development

Psychatric Nursing MCQ Number-36

While communicating to a client who is admitted in a psychiatric ward because of the disoriented thinking process about food being poisoned, which of the following technique need to be adopted by the nurse to encourage the client to have dinner?

(a) Have dinner with client
(b) using open ended question and silence
(c) explain the client that food is not poisoned
(d) allow the client to express his thoughts

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-37

Which among the following is the most appropriate nursing action if the client is experiencing muscle rigidity following haloperidol administration?

(a) administer one more dose of haloperidol for early as the dose is less for the client
(b) Administer of those of benztropine in IM as ordered
(c) with hold the next dose of haloperidol as it occur because of toxicity
(d) inform the physician immediately

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-38

(a) Conversation disorder
(b) body dysmorphic disorder
(c) pain disorder
(d) anorexia nervosa

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-39

Which of the following neurotransmitter is deficient in depression?

(a) Serotonin
(b) 5HT
(c) both a and b
(d) GABA

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Number-40

Which is the most appropriate nursing intervention for a schizotypal personality disorder client with a nursing diagnosis of impaired verbal communication?

(a) helping the client to to participate in social interactions
(b) establishing a one-on-one relationship with the client
(c) establishing alternative forms of Communications
(d) allowing the client to decide when he wants to participate in verbal communication with the nurse


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