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This is Psychiatric Nursing mcq set-8 containing mcq from question 61 to 65 in the series of hundreds of Psychiatric Nursing MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

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Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Question 61:-

Irrational pathological fear of strangers, is termed as-

(a) Agoraphobia
(b) Acrophobia
(c) Algophobia
(d) Xenophobia

Ans: (d) Xenophobia

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Question 62:-

Affect disorder in which patient has a constant sense of pleasant feeling and is optimistic termed as-

(a) Depression
(b) Exaltation
(c) Grief
(d) Euphoria

Ans: (d) Euphoria ✔

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Question 63:-

Treatment of non-organic enuresis includes-

(a) Bladder training
(b) To awake the child from sleep before the expected time of bed wetting
(c) Supportive psychotherapy to the child
(d) All of the above

Ans: (d) All of the above ✔

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Question 64:-

Sleep walking is known as-

(a) Asomnia
(b) Insomnia
(c) Hypersomnia
(d) Somnambulism

Ans: (d) Somnambulism ✔

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ Question 65:-

In following which is not a sleep disorder-

(a) Insomnia
(b) Somnambulism
(c) Amnesia
(d) Somniloquy

Ans: (c) Amnesia ✔


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