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Microbiology MCQ Question 56:-

…………% of total biomedical waste is hazardous-

(a) 20%
(b) 25%
(c) 15%
(d) 37%

Ans: (c) 15% ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 57:-

Enteric fever is caused by-

(a) Salmonella typhi
(b) Shigella
(c) Salmonella paratyphi A & B
(d) Both (a) & (c)

Ans: (d) Both (a) & (c) ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 58:-

Which type of WBC play role in infections caused by helminths group-

(a) Eosinophils
(b) Basophils
(c) Neutrophils
(d) Monocytes

Ans: (a) Eosinophils ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 59:-

An organism that transport a pathogen from one person to another person is called-

(a) Carrier
(b) Vector
(c) Reservoir
(d) Host

Ans: (b) Vector ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 60:-

The symbol that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a solution is termed as-

(a) Culture
(b) Staining
(c) pH
(d) Reaction

Ans: (c) pH ✔


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