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This is Microbiology mcq set-8 containing mcq from question 51 to 55 in the series of hundreds Microbiology mcq which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Microbiology MCQ Question 51:-

BCG is a-

(a) Live attenuated vaccine-
(b) Killed vaccine
(c) Toxoid
(d) Immunoglobulin

Ans: (a) Live attenuated vaccine- ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 52:-

In following which is a facultative anaerobes-

(a) E.Coli
(b) Vibrio-cholerae
(c) Salmonella
(d) All of the above

Ans: (d) All of the above ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 53:-

Who is the father of antiseptic surgery-

(a) Louis Pasteur
(b) Frankel
(c) Roux and Yersin
(d) Lister

Ans: (d) Lister ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 54:-

Which bacillus is also known as koch’s bacillus-

(a) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(b) Mycobacterium leprae
(c) Bacillus anthracis
(d) Clostridium tetani

Ans: (a) Mycobacterium tuberculosis ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 55:-

Who described/discovered sterilisation technique, steam steriliser, hot air oven and autoclave-

(a) Robert koch
(c) Nall & ruska
(b) Lister
(d) Louis pasteur

Ans: (d) Louis pasteur ✔


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