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Microbiology MCQ Question 76:-

A common infestation of children that cause itching in the anus of children is caused by one of the following worm-

(a) Ascaris lumbricoides (Rom..l worm)
(b) Taenia solium (Tapeworm)
(c) Necator americanus (Hook worm)
(d) Enterobius vermicularis (Pin worm)

Ans: (d) Enterobius vermicularis (Pin worm) ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 77:-

Filaria is caused by-

(a) Taenia saginata
(b) Wuchereria bancrofti
(c) Ascaris lumbricoides
(d) Entamoeba histolytica

Ans: (b) Wuchereria bancrofti ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 78-

The branch of medical science that deals with the structure and function of immune system is known as-

(a) Immunology
(b) Parasitology
(c) Virology
(d) Bacteriology

Ans: (a) Immunology ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 79:-

The highest dilution of antibody in a serum which will react with its specific antigen is termed as-

(a) Toxoid
(b) Titer
(c) Serotype
(d) Stain

Ans: (b) Titer ✔

Microbiology MCQ Question 80:-

The prokaryotic cells have following features excepts-

(a) Circular DNA
(b) Histones are absent
(c) No. of chromosome is one
(d) Presence of lysosomes

Ans: (d) Presence of lysosomes ✔


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