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This is Nursing Education mcq set-7 containing mcq from question 51 to 55 in the series of hundreds Nursing Education MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Education MCQ Question 51:-

The earliest and the most original intellectual discipline, is known as-

(a) Education
(b) Philosophy
(c) Administration
(d) Management

Ans: (b) Philosophy ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 52:-

Which teaching method would be most appropriate to teach to a group of women to change their attitude towards female child?

(a) Role play
(b) Lecture
(c) Discussion
(d) Symposium

Ans: (a) Role play ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 53:-

No. of experts in symposium are-

(a) 1-2
(b) 2-3
(c) 3-5
(d) 7-8

Ans: (c) 3-5 ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 54:-

During lecture method of teaching, who is the sender of communication-

(a) Teacher
(b) Audience
(c) Black-board
(d) Classroom

Ans: (a) Teacher ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 55:-

In following which teaching method will be most effecting for educating illiterate villagers-

(a) Lecture
(b) Symposium
(c) Conference
(d) Role play

Ans: (d) Role play ✔


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