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This is Nursing Education mcq set-4 containing mcq from question 31 to 40 in the series of hundreds Nursing Education MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Nursing Education MCQ Question 31:-

The most essential quality of an effective teacher is

(a) A strict personality
(b) Communication skill
(c) Friendly attitude
(d) Superior Knowledge of the subject

Ans: (b) Communication skill ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 32:-

Which method of teaching would be most suitable to teach nursing care of children with “mental retardation” for a class of 100 nursing students?

(a) Group discussion
(b) Lecture cum discussion
(c) Problem Solving
(d) Web- Based Learning

Ans: (c) Problem Solving ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 33:-

A group of 10 people are speaking on a topic of common interest in an educational programme. This method is best known as

(a) Workshop
(b) Panel discussion
(c) Group discussion
(d) Lecture

Ans: (c) Group discussion ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 34:-

All that is learnt during educational activities that is not a designated part of official curriculum is known as the

(a) Extra curriculum
(b) Observed curriculum
(c) Hidden curriculum
(d) Experienced curriculum

Ans: (c) Hidden curriculum ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 35:-

The demonstration on “ Neurological examination” would be most useful, if done in a group of

(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 25
(d) 30

Ans: (a) 10 ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 36:-

Which one of the following is NOT among the maxims of Teaching?

(a) Analysis to synthesis
(b) General to particular
(c) Easy to difficult
(d) Concrete to abstract

Ans: (b) General to particular ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 37:-

Lesson plan is prepared by the

(a) Teacher
(b) Administrator
(c) Student
(d) Principal

Ans: (a) Teacher ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 38:-

Another name for interpersonal communication is

(a) Mass communication
(b) Face to face public communication
(c) Dyadic communication
(d) Virtual reality

Ans: (c) Dyadic communication ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 39:-

Which of the following is an example of mediated communication?

(a) A newscaster delivers the weather report on the 6 o’ clock news
(b) Tow friends gossip with one another
(c) Students work on the class project together
(d) a politician addresses a nominating convention

Ans: (a) A newscaster delivers the weather report on the 6 o’ clock news ✔

Nursing Education MCQ Question 40:-

Comparing with small group communication, in organizational communication

(a) Feedback is easier and more immediate
(b) Communication roles are more formal
(c) Message can be better adapted to the specific needs of the receiver
(d) People are closer to one another in space

Ans: (b) Communication roles are more formal ✔


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