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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-80

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-80
Question 711: …………….connects the transmission main or output shaft of the gear box to the differential of the rear axle.
Options :
A. Propeller shaft
B. Radiator
C. Airbags
D. Alternator


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 712:- The ‘Drive shaft’ in a vehicle is also called
Options :
A. Propeller shaft
B. Steering wheel
C. Seat belt
D. Axle beam


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 713:- ‘What is provided to accommodate changes in the length of the propeller shaft?
Options :
A. Coupling
B. Universal joint
C. Slip joint
D. Drive belt


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 714:- ‘What is added in an automobile to provide relative motion to both the rear wheels when the vehicle is turning?
Options :
A. Radiator
B. Differential
C. Gear box
D. Steering wheel


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 715:- ‘What is that principle which is similar to the principle of ‘differential’?
Options :
A. Spring balance
B. Thermometer
C. Pressure cooker
D. Weighing beam



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