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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-79

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-79
Question 706:  ‘When all the air supplied is fully utilised, a spark ignition (SI) engine produce ?
Options :
A.  minimum power
B. maximum power
C. no power
D. average power


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 707:- ‘Which of the following statements is correct regarding the fuel properties in an automobile system?
1. The volatile fuels are always preferred due to the presence of constituents providing easiness in starting of engine in cold weather.
II. The vaporisation of fuel immediately after the engine starts is affected by the speed with which it is warmed up.

Options :
A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor II


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 708:- To get petrol from crude oil, it is primarily in a refinery.
Options :
A. filtered
B. compressed
C. distilled
D. oxidised


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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-76
Question 709:- ‘Which method improves the antiknock qualities of the straight run gasoline by changing their molecular structure?
Options :
A. Reforming
B.  Alkylation
C. Cracking
D.  Polymerization


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 710:- ‘What calorific value of fuel is necessary for efficient operation in an automobile?
Options :
A. High calorific value
B. Low calorific value
C.  Average calorific value
D. Fuel power does not depend upon its calorific value



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