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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-81

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-81
Question 716:  In addition of its primary function, the ‘rear axle’ also serves as what in a vehicle’s chassis?
Options :
A. A hydraulic pump
B.  A fuel tank
C. A cooling system
D. A beam subjected to a bending load


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 717:- ‘Which of the following statements is correct regarding the types of rear axle of an automobile?
1. Dead axles do not rotate with the wheels but the wheels rotate on it.
II. Live axles are those axles which are attached to the wheel so that both of them rotate together.

Options :
A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor II


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 718:-  ‘Which of the following types of vehicles typically has a dead rear axle?
Options :
A. Sports cars
B. Horse-drawn vehicles
C. Motorcycles
D. Electric scooters


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 719:- ………..allows a clutch to function in a vehicle’s transmission system?
Options :
A. Magnetic force
B. Friction
C. Electrical current
D. Hydraulic pressure


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 720:- ‘Which process is responsible for expelling the exhaust gases from the cylinder during the exhaust stroke of the engine?
Options :
A. Knocking
B. Combustion
C. Scavenging
D. Ignition



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