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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-78

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-78
Question 701:  In an automobile, under what condition is the clutch typically disengaged?

Options :
A. When accelerating
B. When idling at a stoplight
C. When shifting gears
D. Clutch is never disengaged


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 702:- The pressure feed lubrication system does NOT lubricate which of the following parts?

Options :
A. Timing gears
B. Valve rods and push rods
C. Rocker arms
D. Main bearings of crankshaft


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 703:- The temperature gauge, which is most often located on your dashboard, indicates the temperature of:

Options :
A. lubricating oil
B. engine cylinder
C. Jacket cooling water
D. engine piston


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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-76
Question 704:- Atomizes the fuel and mixes it with air in an I.C. engine.

Options :
A. Camshaft
B. Spark plug
C. Piston
D. Carburetor


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 705:- ‘What condition does the engine require while idling in a spark ignition (SI) engine?

Options :
A. Maximum power output
B. Heavy load demand
C. Overheating
D. No power demand



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