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600+ Automobile Engineering MCQ page-28

Question 271:- N-type semi-conductor material is obtained by doping with
(a) antimony
(b) iron
(c) boron
(d) silicon

Question 272:- Two types of semi-conductors are
(a) doped and undoped
(b) P and N
(c) hole and electron
(d) white and grey

Question 273:- Current will flow through a diode when it is connected
(a) in forward bias
(b) in reversed bias
(c) to any suitable battery in any manner
(d) none of the above

Question 274:- A zener diode is used for
(a) rectification of current
(b) blocking the current flow in reverse direction
(c) voltage regulation
(d) all of the above

Question 275:- A transistor consists of a base,
(a) diode and emitter
(b) diode and collector
(c) emitter and collector
(d) diode and thyristor

Question 276:- A transistor is controlled by the current at
(a) the base
(b) the emitter
(c) the collector
(d) both the emitter and the collector

Question 277:- The ignition coil in an electronic ignition system is triggered on and off by means of a
(a) contact breaker
(b) diode
(c) permanent magnet
(d) timer

Question 278:- A pulse generator consists of a
(a) permanent magnet, ignition coil and electronic control unit
(b) permanent magnet, reluctor and electronic control unit
(c) ignition coil, reluctor and electronic control unit
(d) permanent magnet, reluctor and timer coil

Question 279:- The most accurate timer for electronic ignition system is the
(a) diode
(b) transistor
(c) Hall effect switch
(d) pulse generator

Question 280:- The number of ignition coils in a distributorless ignition system for a 6-cylinder engine is
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 6


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