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Surveying MCQ Set-2 Question 11:-

In the case of geographical map, the scale is usually

(a) 1 cm = 10 cm to 100 cm
(b) 1 cm = 50 m to 100 m
(c) 1 cm = 5 km to 160 km
(d) 1 cm = more than 200 km

Ans: (c) 1 cm 5 km to 160 km

Surveying MCQ Question 12:-

The polar axis of earth is shorter than equatorial axis by

(a) 4295 metres
(b) 9542 metres
(c) 42.95 kilometres
(d) 95.24 kilometres

Ans: (c) 42.95 kilometres ✔

Surveying MCQ Question 13:-

A survey in which horizontal and vertical locations of points are fixed by linear and angular measurement is known as

(a) Geodetic survey
(b) Cadastral survey
(c) City survey
(d) Topographical survey

Ans: (d) Topographical survey

Surveying MCQ Question 14:-

The survey done to fix the property lines, to calculate land area for transfer of land property from one owner to another is known as

(a) Cadestral survey
(b) City survey
(c) Municipality survey
(d) Property survey

Ans: (a) Cadestral survey ✔

Surveying MCQ Question 15:-

A survey which in observations of the heavenly bodies such as sun or any other fixed star is done, is known as

(a) Celestial survey
(b) Astrological survey
(c) Photographic survey
(d) Astronomical survey

Ans: (d) Astronomical survey ✔


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