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A research proposal is best described as a: mcq given below:

Nursing Reasearch MCQ:

 Q. Which of the following is the purpose of a research proposal?

(a) Guide for conducting study
(b) Saves money of the funding agency
(c) Prevents evaluation by others in doing study
(d) helps in solving problems after conclusion of data analysis

Ans: (a) Guide for conducting study ✔

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Nursing Reasearch MCQ:

Q. A method of integrating the findings of prior research studies using statistical procedures is

(a) Meta-analysis
(b) Content analysis
(c) Secondary analysis
(d) Systematic analysis

Nursing Reasearch MCQ:

Q. Which of the following level of evidence is placed at the top of the hierarchy of evidence?

(a) A consensus of opinion from experts of the subject
(b) Meta-analysis of multiple randomized clinical trials
(c) Results from a single well-controlled experimental study with a large sample size
(d) Results from a well designed cohort studies

Nursing Reasearch MCQ:

Q. Quantitative research is a process to

(a) Describe lived experiences of people
(b) Develop theories and hypothesis
(c) Evaluate theories and hypothesis
(d) Obtain feelings and beliefs of the people

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