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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-84

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-84 Question 731:  
What is the primary safety aspect incorporated in the air-hydraulic braking system?
a) Brake pedal link design
b) Air pressure application
c) Brake circuit diagram
d) Master cylinder push rod design


Automobile Engineering MCQ Question 732:-
Which component of the air-hydraulic braking system is engine-mounted and delivers compressed air to the air tank?
a) Unloader Valve
b) Tyre Inflator & Filter
c) Compressor
d) Reservoir


Automobile Engineering MCQ Question 733:-
 What is the function of the Unloader Valve in the air-hydraulic braking system?
a) Governs the air pressure in the tank
b) Prevents backflow of air towards the compressor
c) Filters the air delivered by the compressor
d) Connects to the brake pedal


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Automobile Engineering MCQ Question 734:-
Where is the air tank located, and what is its purpose in the braking system?
a) Mounted on the chassis cross member; boosts force on the master cylinder
b) Near the instrument panel; applies parking brakes
c) On the engine; stores and delivers compressed air
d) Connected to the front wheel cylinder; drains oil and water


Automobile Engineering MCQ Question 735:-
What is the primary function of the Truck Brake Valve in Tata Truck Model 1210’s air-hydraulic braking system?
a) Apply parking brakes
b) Boost the force on the tandem master cylinder
c) Inflate the tires during emergencies
d) Govern the air pressure in the tank



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