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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-83

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-83
Question 726:  ‘What equipment is called ‘a tray on wheels for mechanics to lie down on’?
Options :
A. Wrench
B. Creeper
C. Sinter
D. Hacksaw


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 727:- ‘Where is the tyre-tube assembly mounted in a vehicle?
Options :
A. Over the wheel rim
B. On the rear axle
C. On the gear box
D. On the differential


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 728:-  ……..is the final contact point between the road and the vehicle.
Options :
A. Gear box
B. Tyres
C. Wheel hubs
D. Differential


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 729:- In an automobile, what is the ‘tread’?
Options :
A. The engine compartment
B. The steering wheel
C. Automobile’s dashboard
D. The outer portion of the tyre that makes contact with the road surface


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 730:- ‘What are the rings that fit on the rim of the wheel and connect the tyre to the rim called?
Options :
A. Beads
B. Hubs
C. Valves
D. Axles



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