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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-34

Question 331:- 4 × 2 drive chassis vehicle consists of …… wheels out of which …… wheels are the driving wheels.
(A) 4, 2
(B) 2, 4
(C) 4, 4
(D) None

Question 332:- The first automobile powered by steam engine was built in France by—
(A) Nicholas Joseph Cugnot
(B) Elwood J. Haynes
(C) Henry Ford
(D) Diamler Benz

Question 333:- The driving member of clutch usually consists of two …… plates machines.
(A) Aluminium
(B) Copper
(C) Cast iron
(D) None of these

Question 334:- The lateral run out should not exceed …… mm if it is more, clutch plate should be disordered.
(A) 10 mm
(B) 5 mm
(C) 1·1 mm
(D) 0·7 mm

Question 335:- In the year 1885, the real automobile was built by which of the following man?
(A) Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot
(B) Daimler Benz
(C) Henry ford
(D) Elwood J. Haynes

Question 336:- In a clutch will coil springs, the wear of the clutch lacing will cause the clamping load to
(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remain constant
(d) become infinite

Question 337:- The cause of the fault “slippage of clutch” is—
(A) Worn out or broken clutch facings
(B) Rusty or jammed pressure plates
(C) Oil on clutch facing
(D) All are correct

Question 338:- The cause of the fault ‘Clutch Grabing’ is—
(A) Oily clutch facing
(B) Loose or broken engine foundation
(C) Both are correct
(D) None of these

Question 339:- The cause of the fault ‘Clutch vibration’ is—
(A) Bent clutch shaft
(B) Loose hub in clutch disc
(C) Engine idling too fast
(D) None of these

Question 340:- The cause of the fault ‘failure of clutch’ is—
(A) Worn out clutch plates
(B) Oil or grease in clutch lining
(C) Bent clutch shaft
(D) All are correct


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