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This is Automobile Engineering MCQ page-33

Question 321:- The catalyst used in the reduction converter is
(a) copper
(b) charcoal
(c) rodium
(d) platinum

Question 322:- The catalyst used in the converter for oxidising HC and CO is
(a) copper
(b) charcoal
(c) radium
(d) platinum

Question 323:- In a three-way converter, the first converter controls
(a) HC
(b) CO
(c) NOx
(d) all of these

Question 324:- The air fuel ratio required for the efficient operation of a three-way converter is approximated
(a) 5:1
(b) 10:1
(c) 15:1
(d) 20:1

Question 325:- Heavy duty oil bath type air cleaner is/was used in the engine of
(a) Premier Padmini
(b) Dolphin
(c) Premier Roadmaster
(d) Maruti 800

Question 326:- Compression ratio of 22.4 is used in the engine of
(a) Premier Roadmaster
(b) Mahindra MM-540 DP Jeep
(c) Tata LPT-1210D
(d) Ashok Leyland Comet

Question 327:- V-eight engine was employed in
(a) Rolls-Royce Camargue
(b) Chrysler Averagerdelux
(c) Citroen CX 2400 safari
(d) Audi 100 SE

Question 328:- Five cylinder in-line engine is used in
(a) Gold GTI 16 V
(b) Mercedes Benz 200
(c) Renault R 2106
(d) Audi 100 SE

Question 329:- V-12 engine is used in
(a) Rolls-Royce Camargue
(b) Morgan Plus 8
(c) Daimler Double-six
(d) Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce

Question 330:- Electronic fuel injection system system is used in engine of
(a) Daimler Double-six
(b) Audi 100 SE
(c) Volvo 740 GLE
(d) all of these


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