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Mrs Gowri, on assessment, shows the following behaviourMrs Gowri, on assessment, shows the following behaviour  mcq  given below:

Q. Mrs Gowri, on assessment, shows the following behaviour
A maintaining Rapid posture
B being mute
C hears “God’ s voice”
D Repeating the phrases
These are the characteristics of


(a) paranoid schizophrenia
(b) undifferentiated schizophrenia
(c) catatonic schizophrenia
(d) residual schizophrenia


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Q The major neurotransmitter involved in the occurrence of obsessive compulsive disorder is

Q. services aimed at reducing the prevalence of psychiatric illness by shortening the course of the illness is called as

Q. According to kubler- Ross theory of grief, which among the following behaviour is observed in stage II?

Q. The crisis that is precipitated by an unanticipated stressful event that creates disequilibrium by threatening one’s sense of biological, social or psychological integrity is called

Q. A person has run away from home adapting a new identity with complete Amnesia about his earlier life. this disorder is known as

Q.The techniques of psychoanalysis includes the following except

Q. According to DSMIV, the positive symptoms of schizophrenia includes 

Q. State of diminished consciousness in which the patient remains mute and still with the eyes open is called as

Q. A clinical feature of patient with major depression includes 

Q.Form of speech in which the client tends to wander away from the intended point and never returning to the original idea is called 

Q. This side effect of antidepressant include 

Q. When a patient is not aware of his/her mental illness, it is called? 

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