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This is Pharmacology MCQ set-18 in the series of hundreds of Pharmacology MCQ in nursing coarse which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Pharmacology MCQ set-18 Question 131:-

Which antimalarial drug is used in the radical treatment of plasmodium vivax-

(a) Quinine
(b) Artemether
(c) Primaquine
(d) Chloroquine

Ans: (c) Primaquine ✔

Pharmacology MCQ Question 132:-

Which antimalarial drug can be used safely in pregnancy-

(a) Quinine
(b) Chloroquine
(c) Primaquine
(d) All of these

Ans: (b) Chloroquine ✔

Pharmacology MCQ Question 133:-

Which of the following statement is true-

(a) Scabies is a infectious disease caused by itch mite sarcoptes scabiei.
(b) Pediculosis is an infestation caused by blood sucking lice.
(c) Benzyl benzoate, gama benzene hexachloride, crotamiton are effective drug in the treatment of scabies and pediculosis
(d) All of the above are true

Ans: (d) All of the above are true ✔

Pharmacology MCQ Question 134:-

Retro-bulbar neuritis or optic neuritis is side- effect of which antitubercular drug-

(a) Ethambutol
(b) Isoniazid
(c) Pyrazinamide
(d) Rifampicin

Ans: (a) Ethambutol ✔

Pharmacology MCQ Question 135:-

In ethambutol toxicity which type of colour vision is seen-

(a) Red vision
(b) Blue vision
(c) Green vision
(d) Both (a) and (c)

Ans: (d) Both (a) and (c) ✔


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