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All of the following are neurotransmitters, except: mcq given below:

Q. All of the following are neurotransmitters, except:

(a) Dopamine
(b) GABA
(c) Serotonin
(d) Troponin

Ans: (d) Troponin

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Question: – Number of spinal nerves is

(a) 28 pairs
(b) 30 pairs
(c) 31 pairs
(d) 33 pairs

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Question: – A client is admitted with thrombotic cerebrovascular accident (CVA).Which of the following is the priority nursing assessment in the 24 hours after admission?

(a) Bowel sounds
(b) Electroencephalogram
(c) Electromyogram
(d) Pupil size and pupillary response

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A 23-year -old client is admitted with tonic-clonic seizure. The nurse knows that the most common cause of tonic clonic seizure for this age group is:

(a) Stroke
(b) Electrolyte imbalance
(c) Head trauma
(d) congenital defect in brain

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Question: – A 35-year-old male client has undergone spinal anaesthesia. The nurse should immediately position the client in which of the following position?

(a) Flat in a supine position
(b) Left lateral position
(c) prone position with the head turned to the side
(d) Knee chest position

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