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This is Pharmacology mcq set-9 containing mcq from question 81 to 90 in the series of hundreds of Pharmacology MCQ which are very important for staff nurse, AIIMS, PGIMER nursing recruitment examinations. MCQ are given below:

Pharmacology MCQ Number-81

Which of the following drug is not contraindicated in a lactating mother

(a) bromocriptine
(b) cyclosporine
(c) Methotrexate
(d) prednisolone

Ans: (c) Methotrexate

Pharmacology MCQ Number-82

Which of the following drug is recommended along with intravenous administration of Quinine sulphate for treatment of Malaria?

(a) calcium gluconate
(b) hydrocortisone
(c) multivitamin
(d) glucose

Ans: (d) glucose

Pharmacology MCQ Number-83

Antidote for organophosphorus poisoning is

(a) d-penicillamine
(b) atropine
(c) Magnesium Sulphate
(d) physostigmine

Ans: (b) atropine

Pharmacology MCQ Number-84

The action of the drug pseudoepinephrine is

(a) Antimanic
(b) decongestant
(c) Antihistamine
(d) antiemetic

Ans: (b) decongestant

Pharmacology MCQ Number-85

The pharmacological action of adrenaline includes

(a) vasoconstriction
(b) Increase in heart rate
(c) vasodilation
(d) both a and b

Ans: (d) both a and b

Pharmacology MCQ Number-86

Therapeutic serum level of phenytoin is the treatment of seizure is

(a) Below 5 mcg/ mL
(b) 10-20 mcg/ mL
(c) 25-35 mcg/ mL
(d) 40-50 mcg/ mL

Ans: (b) 10-20 mcg/ mL

Pharmacology MCQ Number-87

Which of the following drug crosses blood brain barrier?

(a) glycopyrrolate
(b) dopamine
(c) streptomycin
(d) propranolol

Ans: (d) propranolol

Pharmacology MCQ Number-88

The drug of choice in mushroom poisoning is

(a) atropine
(b) neostigmine
(c) physostigmine
(d) epinephrine

Ans: (a) atropine

Pharmacology MCQ Number-89

Calcium channel blockers which are used in the treatment of hypertension include

(a) prazosin
(b) Enalapril
(c) Captopril
(d) Nifedipine

Ans: (d) Nifedipine

Pharmacology MCQ Number-90

Patient who is allergy to intravenous contrast media are also usually allergy to

(a) Eggs
(b) latex
(c) milk
(d) shellfish

Ans: (d) shellfish


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