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Automobile Engineering MCQ page-82

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Automobile Engineering MCQ Page-82
Question 721:  Exhaust gases are pushed out of the cylinder by the motion of what component in an engine?
Options :
A. Spark plug
B. Carburettor
C. Piston
D. Crankshaft


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 722:- In a four-stroke diesel engine cycle, when does the exhaust valve typically open?
Options :
A.  At the beginning of the compression stroke
B. Just before the end of expansion
C. During the intake stroke
D. At the start of the power stroke


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 723:-  ‘What is the most important gas produced during combustion in an automobile engine that increases the atmospheric temperature?
Options :
A.  O2
B. CO2
C. N2
D. S02


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Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 724:- In the automobile engine, which two gases in the exhaust vary opposite to each other?
Options :
A. SO2 and O2
B. O2 and CO
C. CO2 and CO
D.  SO2 and N2


Automobile Engineering MCQ
Question 725:- The exhaust of spent gases from the cylinder of an automobile engine is done so that
Options :
A.the engine can run silently
B. fuel efficiency is improved
C. fresh charge may be sucked in
D. the exhaust note becomes louder



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